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We offer a huge array of fencing, from Stock Fencing, Clipex Fencing and Deer Fencing, to Horse Netting, Post and Rail and more - so whatever your requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Agricultural Fencing - Stock Fencing


Sheep netting and top-strand barb is the most common fence for sheep and cattle. Other types of stock fencing we provide are:

- 3-5 Strand Barb
- 7 Strand Plain & 1 Top Barb
​- 4ft Stock Netting & 1 Top Barb

- Batten Fencing

- Cattle Corrals

Wildlife Protection Fencing - Deer Fencing


Wildlife fencing is wide-ranging, serving the important job of protecting land, crops, livestock and fishing lakes from a variety of unwelcome guests. This includes:
- Deer Fencing 
- Otter Fencing 
- Badger Fencing

Agricultural Fencing - Clipex Fencing


With a 30-year guaranteed service life, Clipex All Steel Fencing can be a cost effective option for your fence, and it is arguably even stronger than traditional methods. As official installers of Clipex Fencing, we can advise you on the best option for your needs.

Equestrian Fencing - Horse Netting with Electric Tape


Horse net and 1 top strand of plain electric is well suited for equine requirements, but also for other uses such as Dog Runs and Dog Training Facilities. Other common types of fencing for equine use are:
- Post & Rail
- 3 Strand Plain Wire Electric 
- Horse Rail with Electric Tape 

- Stallion Fencing

Equestrian Arena - Groundworks and Fencing


20 x 40 metres or olympic-sized - whatever your goals, we can provide the full groundwork and fencing of your equestrian arena, completed with your chosen surface.

Pheasant Pen


Using high tensile mesh netting, or plastic if preferred, we can construct solid, long-lasting, and importantly protective, pens for Pheasants and Game Birds, ready for the Autumn season.

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