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As experienced Fencing contractors, we provide our clients with a comprehensive approach to all of their Agricultural, Equestrian and Wildlife Fencing projects, specialising in a wide range of services. Since we founded our business in 2013, we’ve been committed to our clients' needs and satisfaction, with our professional approach and quality results to match.

Total Fencing Somerset has grown into a business which specialises in heavy rock terrain, which a lot of contractors are unable to tackle. We have designed and worked with equipment manufacturers to build a machine heavy enough, and most importantly robust enough, specifically to handle the drilling of rock required in the Mendips and surrounding areas.

We pride ourselves on traditional methods of fencing which are proven across the world to be effective for improving the service life of your fence.

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Stock Fencing - Tying Off


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From our termination knots to how we plane and fit stays, we don't cut corners. We take pride in our workmanship and use tried and tested traditional techniques for a high quality finish, but more importantly a long-standing and durable fence.

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SoloTrak Tracked Post Driver

With unrivalled manouvrability, grip and low ground pressure, our SoloTrak tracked post driver has been uniquely designed to minimise ground damage during the winter months, and to tackle the trickiest terrains thanks to its 200 degree slew. With its telescopic mast and fast hammer cycle, we are able to hit posts in half the time of more basic models, enabling a quicker result for our clients.

SoloTrack Tracked Post Driver
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Rock Monster Auger

Made from HARDOX steel, our FENCEQUIP Rock Monster auger boasts unparalleled abrasion resistance for the most relentless of rock, including Quartz. We are regularly referred clients from other contractors due to our experience and ability to tackle rock.

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